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Acer Laptop Ferrari 3400 Specifications, review and driver download

Acer Laptop Ferrari 3400 sits at 13.0′ W x 10.7′ D x 1.2′ H providing for it a weight of 6.6lbs. I would say that is not awful for a gaming laptop considering the more current Alienware or Dell XPS are around 12-13 pounds and resemble a hummer took a dump. It fits pleasantly around my work area next to my desktop, or my lap when I’m in a cramped range, yet is additionally huge enough to play amusements and have the capacity to really see individuals. Eventually its light enough that it doesn’t get to be irritating convey it throughout the span of a day. 

CPU: Low power versatile AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1mb L2 1600mhz FSB 

I was clashed with this processor. From one viewpoint, its future-sealed as its 64 bit, and a 2 Ghz processor, yet then again, I haven’t generally been that inspired with the battery life. With a low power versatile processor I would think that I’d get more than 3 hours of battery life simply sitting unmoving — yet I don’t. Other than that however, its ideal for playing amusements, multi-tasking, and only all around machine utilization. 

Acer Laptop Ferrari 3400 Specifications, review and driver download

Memory: 512mb Ddr333 (2×256)

This is one of the regions I think Acer held back out on. That is to say, they COULD have utilized Pc3200, or even recently included 1 dimm so there was space for development. The ram in it is sufficient, yet I’m likely going to purchase a 1gig Ddr400 dimm for it at some point within a brief span of time. 

GPU: Mobile ATI Radeon 9700pro 128mb 

The 9700 professional 128mb is an incredible card, there is no questioning that. It runs the most recent amusements with a decent framerate, which makes the laptop a fine gaming machine. Running aquamark 3 I scored 26,221 and scored 3105 in 3dmark03. For playing more current amusements (e.g. Half life 2), the amusement is extremely playable on center to higher determination. Shockingly however, there are few drivers out there versatile to portable design cards, so I wound up needing to introduce a more seasoned set of impetus drivers and utilizing a mod device to introduce them. The more up to date Catalyst drivers wouldn’t introduce. 

HDD: 80gb HDD @ 4200rpm

This is the place I think Acer held back out the most. A 4200rpm HDD is most likely not what I would call “Top Speed”, and scarcely deserving of the Ferrari name. When I got my laptop, I found that Acer parceled the harddrive for me into 40 gig areas. Whether you pick that further bolstering be a good fortune or not is dependent upon you. I’ve as of late been investigating redesigning it to in any event a 5400rpm one as its discernibly slower stacking recreations and applications. 

Compact disc: 4xdvd+-RW and x16 CD-RW 

What would I be able to say other than totally breathtaking. Having the capacity to Burn DVD’s and CD’s on my laptop has been extraordinary as I’ve officially copied presumably 20 Dvds. Given that the Ferrari is an officially costly notebook, its pleasant to see where some of that cash went. 

OS: Windows XP Professional 

I committed the error of playing around on my machine at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and coincidentally clicking “alright” to the Update area and afterward going to make myself a sandwich. Much to my consternation, I returned and observed that I had incidentally introduced Windows XP Service Pack 2. On the off chance that I can provide for you single word of guidance in the event that you purchase this laptop, remain faithful to Sp1, as having Service Pack 2 makes some minor, yet aggravating clashes with the 64 bit processor. 

System & Interface: Wireless 802.11b/g, bluetooth, Four Usb2.0, DC in, S-feature TV Out, Microphone/Line-in, Headphone/Speaker Line-out, Firewire 

I haven’t generally had an opportunity to utilize the bluetooth yet however perusing different surveys, I’ve heard that its truly convenient. I may get a bluetooth console so I can play first individual shooter amusements all the more successfully, yet until further notice its going un-utilized. Interestingly however, there is a catch at the front of the laptop (open when even shut) that will empower or debilitate bluetooth. It’s most likely a flawless capacity. Other than that, having four USB 2.0 ports is an extraordinary peculiarity. Having the capacity to module a computerized cam, a mouse, and a printer with 1 space left is exceptionally helpful. These are the things that are generally disregarded by laptop purchasers. 

Show: 15.0′ Sxga+ (1400×1050) 

Excellent would be the best approach to portray the LCD screen. Clearly not as brilliant as my desktop LCD, the Ferrari’s showcase is sharp, fast, and has a local determination of 1400×1050 which makes playing those amusements with your 3000+ and 9700 pro that great.

Acer Ferrari 3400 Specifications (Quick Specs)

Acer Ferrari 3400 driver download

Acer Ferrari 3400 driver for Windows XP 32 bit

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