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Apple is reportedly ready to bring back the SD card slot on the MacBook Pro 2021

Apple seems to be giving SD card users happiness for the model Latest MacBook Pro 2021 upcoming, when the company is reportedly ready to bring back this feature as an integrated part of their premium laptop lineup.

This was revealed from the report Bloomberg in a move that would return popular standard ports to the company’s computers.

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When Apple removed the feature in the 2016 MacBook Pro redesign, many users felt lost. Moreover, it forces many professional users to still rely on the popular SD card format via extra devices.

Fortunately, that will no longer be the case. While not yet confirmed, the latest report from Gurman that originally detailed some of the changes Apple is planning for the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch designs sees something interesting about the upcoming MacBook changes.

There have been many changes, including removing the controversial Touch Bar interface; offers a more square design that’s in line with the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPhone 12 lineup; brighter display; and brought back the Apple magnetic MagSafe charger. The other biggest change, of course, is the switch from Intel to a more powerful version of Apple’s internal internal M1 chipset and ARM-based.

Leading Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo corroborated the report by claiming that the new laptop will offer additional ports, but today marks the first confirmation of an SD card slot specifically.

News of a return on the SD card is actually popping up for the “high-end” MacBook Air models, which are said to offer MagSafe and processor benefits similar to those of the new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the SD card slot isn’t mentioned in more detail on the upcoming Air refresh – just a pair of USB-C ports.


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