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BlackBerry Passport has a large touch screen that gives amazing experience to see and read, give you a broader vision to express your abilities. Designed for web browsing, reading, editing, and viewing experience better maps.

Read all email content without having to scroll in order to respond more quickly.

See full desktop web pages on your screen.

See all the details on the map to find your destination more quickly.

View and edit presentations and documents directly.

New Touch Keyboard

BlackBerry Passport brings us a typical keyboard to the next level. Physical keyboard gives a better typing accuracy and gives you a larger screen to see. This keyboard also works through touch, so you can perform many functions directly on the keyboard. So responsive to the touch so you can scroll through web pages, flick, typing or moving along the keys to move the cursor. Only BlackBerry can deliver keyboard created perfectly and makes it better.

Blackberry Passport Specifications Review

Battery life that suits your needs.

BlackBerry is known for amazing battery endurance. BlackBerry® Passport brings the best battery performance with 3450 mAh battery that is impressive and optimization of power consumption in the BlackBerry 10. With a battery life of over 30 jam1, you do not need to worry because your phone will remain active for as long as needed.

Your Personal Assistant.

BlackBerry® Assistant allows you to manage your email, contacts, calendars, and other features of the BlackBerry 10 voice commands and text. This application helps you perform various tasks quickly as responding to an important email, schedule meetings, or get directions.

Assistant BlackBerry smart enough to respond to you based on your situation. Talk at will and this application will respond appropriately. Type in a question and this application will respond with the information on the screen. When you connect to the Bluetooth in the car, this app know you can not see the screen and will interact with you without having to wear eye and hand.

Feels Phone Calls More Real.

BlackBerry® phone call at Passport is the best innovation in the technology conversation. Accompanied by a powerful speaker and microphone system quad. BlackBerry Natural Sound Technology is designed to adapt to the Wi-Fi® and cellular voice calls based on the position of the phone and the voice in the background. The result is unsurpassed sound quality that makes you like being in the same room even though your distance apart.

All your messages in one place.

BlackBerry® Hub is a place to manage all your conversations – email, text, BBM ™, phone calls, social media, and more. Features all-new instant action will allow you to set and follow up your inbox quickly without having to go to the messages one by one. In addition, the BlackBerry Priority Hub will recognize you and how you use the phone so that it will display the email, calls, instant messaging, and important notices. And these applications are always available with a single slider to help you stay organized, controlled, and know all the contents of your conversation.

Rich and Fast browser.

BlackBerry Browser on BlackBerry 10 has been completely reinvented to help you browse, read, and share online content quickly. And with BlackBerry Passport, you can view web pages in full screen desktop. Pages load very fast and renders beautifully, making the web page more readable.

BlackBerry capability now exists on the computer and your tablet

Usually you have to switch between different devices to accomplish various tasks. BlackBerry® Blend brings the message and content available on the BlackBerry to the computer and Your tab. 3 access work and personal messages, notifications, documents, calendars, contacts, and media in real-time on any device that you wear.

Reply BBM ™ or SMS messages directly on a computer or tablet while you work. And access to work email, files, or intranet site on a computer or tablet while you are at home without the need for a VPN.

Blackberry Passport Specifications

Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400

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