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China is the Heaven of Cryptocurrency Miners, the Latest RTX 30 Series Gaming Laptops Also Apply

The latest gaming laptop Nvidia RTX-based mobile GPUs appear to be applicable to mining as well, especially when cryptocurrency experienced a very significant revival earlier this year. Why so? it turns out that many miners are also interested in getting the laptop as a cryptocurrency generating machine.

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Revealed from the Twitter source @I_Leak_VN which shows how someone (or a group) from China uses the latest GPU based laptop Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 mobile series as a mining machine to generate Ethereum cryptocurrency. And no half-hearted, the amount he owns is of course very large.

According to TechspotThe RTX 3060 mobile series GPUs can match the faster / more expensive GPUs of the previous generation, and should be available in more affordable laptop models than the RTX 2070 or 2080.

Fortunately, the laptop mining process is unlikely to be profitable except on a really large scale in certain regions, so it doesn’t affect global availability. Although it does highlight the potential of cryptocurrency.

The price of bitcoin itself has risen significantly since the beginning of 2021, even surpassing its highest level since late 2017. This increase has helped the cryptocurrency mining industry experience a resurgence in mining activities, which could lead to a repeat of the 2017 disaster when the stock of graphics cards on the market was very low or even rare.

Even if there was, the price offered was far more unreasonable. That is very burdensome for gamers or those who want to get a graphics card as an upgrade from the old series. We all hope that prices remain normal with abundant stock availability, including the mining process, which does not really affect all components, especially laptops.


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