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HTC One Max Specifications and Review

HTC One Max comes to the realm of the battle line phone with high specs. 5.9 inch screen wrapped with aluminum body and a new home screen which makes a variety of applications as well as access to the mobile phone increasingly provide its own nuances. HTC Max ready to remodel your experience with smartphones.

Premium materials

It is appropriate when the smartphone has a premium material, considering the features and capabilities that are above average in most mobile phones. No exception HTC Max. To give the impression of a premium, HTC chose to use aluminum material. This material is selected so that you can still carrying a cell phone without feeling heavy but still look elegant and classy. Has a size of 16.4 x 8.2 x 1.2 cm, HTC Max feels slimmer and more fit in the palm of your hand.

HTC One Max Review

New Execution button

With Android phones, certainly will not be surprised with the execution button located on the front of the cross section of the screen. But there was something different with the HTC Max. The phone is only two buttons pinned haptic, Back and Home. When you hold down the Home button with long, while Google Now will appear when you tap twice, Task Switcher will appear.

Screen Full HD 5.9″

This smartphone brings the screen Full HD 5.9″ 16 million color depth gives a sharp and clear image display. Not only that, the screen is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is so resistant to scratches though. With its large screen, enjoy watching movies, playing games or other multimedia content comfortably.

HTC One Max Review

HTC BlinkFeed

Unlike the Home view on most mobile phones with Android OS, HTC introduced the HTC Max BlinkFeed. Just like Windows Phone, this feature is a collection of a variety of the latest updates that you pinned to Home. Social media sites, news or entertainment you can put in there. This way you still can read the latest news without having to log into each application, thus reducing your time while interacting with the phone.

HTC UltraPixel Camera

This technology is a new feature as well as the forefront of imaging technology. This feature gives you the ability to take pictures quickly without color deficiencies. This capability will let in more light when compared to other phones with cameras magnitude 8 or 13 megapixels. The technology developed by HTC is suffering right UltraPixel sensor made ​​by enlarging the size of the pixels so that each pixel is able to get a lot of light up more than 300 % than the 13 megapixel camera which is unusual. In addition, HTC ImageChip provide continuous autofocus capability, staining and minimize noise. While F/2.0 aperture is the largest aperture that has so far successfully embedded into smartphones. On the other hand, Optical Image Stabilization will reduce the images and videos appear blurry.

Voice Sense

When the world does not have a noise filter button, HTC Max has. So when you are in noisy places, HTC is able to filter out noise such that you will only hear a clear sound. This feature is called Voice Sense, because the voice has its own sensitivities.

HTC BoomSound

Listen to the beat of your audio files with more power. Nothing else sounds like the usual standards found in most mobile phones. Two speakers located on the front provide stereo sound powered by a built-in amplifiers that deliver great sound with low distortion.


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