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Microsoft xCloud Can’t Work On iOS, Apple Says It Violates Their App Store Policy

Cloud gaming is ready to enliven the gaming world in Smartphone much more exciting, especially the launch of the service xCloud from Microsoft coming soon. Unfortunately, iOS users will probably feel left out when Apple won’t allow the product in their super strict App Store.

Microsoft has even stopped testing iOS for its xCloud app long before the September 15 launch date on Android. And this also applies to other services like GeForce Now from Nvidia and Google Stadia.

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Apple said in a statement told Business Insider (Via The Verge), that these kinds of cloud services violate App Store guidelines and can’t, in their current form, ever be on iOS. The main reason is, they offer access to apps that Apple can’t individually review.

Back in March, Bloomberg reported that Apple offered a very similar justification when asked about potential antitrust issues related to Apple’s Arcade game subscription service, which the company operates even though competitors do the same.

Regardless, the main key in the statement could be “submitting games one by one for review, and appearing in charts and searches”. The way Stadia works today, and the way xCloud works next month, is that consumers pay for access to the service itself, and that service then lets them pay for or access free games from the cloud.

In the end, users may not have all the fun they can get in the new evolution of the gaming world. When you can play PC games like Forza Horizon 4 via Android, that certainly won’t apply to iOS. But, all decisions can change right? Hopefully yes!

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