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Nokia Lumia 925 Specifications and Review

Nokia presents the successor of the Nokia Lumia 920 with atomic number 13 casing , Nokia Lumia 925 . In terms of specifications area unit nearly constant because the previous series . With AN optimum mix of performance and a additional elegant style , the Nokia Lumia 925 are often your alternative for multimedia system enthusiasts World Health Organization need to still look fashionable .

Nokia Lumia 925 Review and Specs

More Slim style

Nokia Lumia 925 seems slimmer and lighter than his brother , the Lumia 920 . this is often due to the frame or chassis is created ​​of atomic number 13 therefore it weighs solely zero139 grams with a thickness of 0.85 cm . for every a part of the casing is created ​​from sturdy polycarbonate , durable , and versatile for designers as a result of it provides color accuracy is desired by Nokia .

Windows Phone 8

Since its unleash to shoppers on Oct twenty nine, 2012 ago , Windows Phone 8 is additional usually utilized in a spread of telecommunication devices like smartphones and tablets . Designed otherwise than previous Windows Mobile , Microsoft introduced the railway system interface style that presents the Live Tiles on the beginning page . Access varied shortcuts to applications and alternative options simply , together with your finger directly on the house page . amendment the dimensions of the Live Tile with 3 items the dimensions you wish , in keeping with style . Not solely the dimensions , you’ll be able to conjointly alter the colour of the Live Tile contained within the phone to fit your mood atmosphere these days.

AMOLED HD screen 4.5 Inch

This phone incorporates a screen activity four.5 inches cross section with a density of 720 x 1280 pixels sixteen million color depth . conjointly equipped with technology PureMotion HD + and Nokia ClearBlack . TFT electrical phenomenon AMOLED screen technology is protected by Corning pongid Glass two so the screen won’t be scraped simply .

8.7 MP Camera

Carl Zeiss lenses area unit still devoted to accompany the Nokia Lumia 925 camera with 8.7 MP strength in the midst of AN diode flash and optical device options , optical image stabilization , further PureView technology . Nokia Lumia 920 conjointly fastened a second camera with a magnitude of one.3 MP which may be accustomed take photos and video calls . All of the pictures and videos are often hold on into the inner memory of thirty two GB . If you’re feeling inadequate , simply synchronize your Nokia Lumia with SkyDrive which provides you up to 7GB of storage without charge .

Optic Technology that gives the look of Pure View

Carry PureView technology ever brought by the successor Nokia 808 PureView , Nokia Lumia 925 brings back constant technology . Despite having a smaller image sensing element of the Nokia 808 PureView , however the results obtained surpass his brother . This increased technology makes the Nokia Lumia 925 is in a position to require photos whereas even in low light-weight conditions while not employing a flash. additionally , because the initial to use the mobile phone camera Optical Image Stabilization , creating videos and photos taken to be additional stable , this implies reducing image blur once the camera is in tremor conditions.

NFC ( Near Field Communication )

NFC or close to Field Communication may be a means that to exchange information simply . because the name implies , the NFC chip works at a distance of but ten cm . NFC chip itself not solely are often embedded into mobile phones , however conjointly into alternative devices like credit / positive identification , card or poster . in comparison to Bluetooth , NFC is capable of carrying larger countless information , needs less power and doesn’t need pairing method .

Nokia ClearBlack show

Actually, Nokia has introduced this technology a couple of years agone , however solely this point , once the technology was developed , beginning fastened on their product particularly the Lumia series . ClearBlack show may be a technology wherever you’ll be able to still watching the screen of your phone tho’ is beneath exposure to daylight . in addition , this technology conjointly offers a deeper black color further as offer a far better viewing angle for a more leisurely use of mobile phones .

Nokia PureMotion HD +

The screen on the phone brings numerous pixels enclosed in it , the color . every element are running to form AN look on screen to be additional ‘ alive ‘ . However, some issues generally arise within the element. once one element isn’t good or doesn’t move quick enough just like the others , it’ll cause the screen to become muzzy or being obstructed whereas being driven content . PureMotion HD + technology from Nokia to do to eliminate the matter. The trick , every cell is assigned  further workers so the pixels become additional ‘ active ‘ and might move double quicker than traditional , while not overwhelming excessive power . With this technology , every element will definitely move utterly and create the screen clearer , to allow comfort after you ‘re running on mobile content .

Nokia Lumia 925 Review and Specs

Nokia Super Sensitive bit

In collaboration with Synaptics , a developer accomplished in developing electrical phenomenon bit technology , Nokia introduced the Synaptics ClearPad Super Sensitive bit . This technology makes mobile phones the Nokia Lumia 925 acknowledges the proper of every bit although the user is mistreatment gloves or finger nail them to control the phone . This technology will definitely create people who have activity within the cold and had to wear gloves to not mention the trouble of gloves once gap a need to answer a call . Similarly, people who have long nails , don’t have to be compelled to have a tough time capital punishment barely phone with nails .

Nokia Wireless Charging

Unlike the opposite series Lumia , Nokia Lumia 925 to charge while not employing a cable connected from the ability supply to the ability port on the phone . On the within of the rear of the phone casing has been established  chip to perform Wireless Charging . Technology is energy (pronounced chee ) that integrates power into the phone to charge. energy was developed by a pool backed by several corporations to eventually create the energy wireless charging become customary for several devices within the future . This simplicity causes you to not ought to hassle connecting the ability wire to the switch after they need to charge your itinerant , merely place your phone on a Nokia Wireless Charging and charging method are pass by itself .

Nokia town Lens

By utilizing increased Reality computer code , Nokia presents the Nokia town Lens feature . This causes you to mamu Fitus see dynamic info of places around you . The trick is to activate this feature , then purpose the camera around your Nokia Lumia . info can seem on the screen in keeping with wherever you purpose the camera . you’ll be able to conjointly choose the class you wish to visualize places like restaurants, hotels , shopping , historic sites , further as transportation .

Nokia sensible Shoot

Often get the photos that don’t match your expectations ? strive mistreatment Nokia sensible Shoot after you take a photograph . This application causes you to take some photos till end you’ll be able to select that photos you wish . Not stopped there , this application conjointly offers a number of your friend’s face once the image is being taken , therefore you now not get an image of your friend World Health Organization is flashing . there is additional . This application also can eliminate a number of the objects you are doing not need to seem within the exposure , as an example, those who area unit passing by .


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