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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specification and Review

Samsung galaxy Note Edge with AMOLED screen equipped with a Quad HD (1440 x 2560) for the basic screen size of 5.6 inches so that you will be more simplified and made very proud of your presence Samsung galaxy Note edge. Using a brain smart enough and tough with a quad-core processor 2.7 GHz capacity allows you to interact with advanced quickly with samsung phones is also supported with 3Gb RAM. 

This phone is a kind of phablet which has a camera resolution of 16MP primary camera or rear camera and 3.7 MP secondary camera so this feature will be very helpful for photo lovers selfie.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specification and Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Screen

When my initial picked up the Note Edge, I did notice a small issue. The doubled a part of the screen was on the incorrect aspect on behalf of me, as a result of I’m left bimanual. This meant that this further little bit of screen was within the approach of my palm. However Samsung has remedied this by creating the screen utterly flippable. Thus, as long as you do not mind the house button being on the highest of the screen, then this can be a French telephone for south paws the maximum amount as right-handed folks. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is amazing within the hand. The other screen dimension makes it look and feel lots additional premium than its Note 4 bedfellow. It’s positively a French telephone that has wow issue, even though the other screen lip is also slightly lacking in uses at the instant. Samsung has tried its best to form this section of the phone useable, by making a bunch of OS strips that you simply will boost the lip of the screen. These embrace things like weather, Twitter, and news updates.

One nice move Samsung has done is build the lip of the show work freelance of the most screen. Thus, if the most screens are totally off, one swipe of the lip and you’ll be able to see your notifications and updates. This is able to be an excellent factor in a very meeting wherever you do not wish to use your full device however wish access to tiny updates,

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Innovative show

The new screen style in my hands on merely meant that it absolutely was easier on behalf of me to access applications. Samsung conjointly au courant American state that the panel can evolve, yet again code partners square measure on board.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specification and Review

Another check I did to make out the innovative screen was watching a clip of a film. As all of the controls visited the lip of the screen, the most half was utterly free – the film went utterly to the sting and looked nice. The new screen could be a welcome boost to the Note vary. By this I mean that everything else bar the screen is a clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note the four in specs.

The screen will mean you get a 16:10 ratio and Samsung did justify that the battery was a shade smaller (at 3,000) however, everything else that’s on the Note four is gifted and proper with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Features

While you’ll be able to scan slightly additional in-depth regarding the new options in our hands on Samsung Galaxy S4 review, here’s variety of things that i assumed were standout.

The chassis currently incorporates a heart rate monitor, that was originally found on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This conjointly acts as a trigger button for the camera after you wish to try and do selfies. 

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specification and Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge S Pen

The S Pen has conjointly immensely improved with 2 further pen styles: fountain and highlighter. you’ll be able to do such a lot additional with the S Pen too. One in every of the foremost attention-grabbing aspects is that you simply will currently use it mouse wish to take grabs from websites and started your own clipping service.

You can conjointly use the pen to shrink applications as you’d a contraption. This offers you a higher access to the homescreen and suggests that you do not ought to plow through a variety of tabs. Multitasking on the Note Edge has conjointly been improved – with a multi window of tabs abundant easier to access.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Early finding

The Samsung Galaxy Note edge is stunning-looking device that basically tries to try and do one thing totally different. I worry that Samsung can keep the sting strictly edition. I hope not as a result of this can be a French telephone that’s nice to use and appears fantastical. It extremely will provide the Note line-up the sting over its rivals.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specification

151.30 x 82.40 x 8.30
Expandable storage up to (GB)
The browser supports Flash
WI-Fi standards supported
Proprietary charging connector
Proprietary data connector


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