Some They Impression and Review using the iPhone 6

IPhone 6 brings new features and design, the most obvious is growing larger screen than previous generations. Some foreign media had the opportunity to briefly try out this new iPhone. What kind of impression are they? Here are some conclusions.


If you crave a big screen, or want to try Apple Pay, this handset is the iPhone 6 have it. Plus, design excellence cannot be defeated. But remember that the new device is more like an evolution of the previous generation and is not a big leap.


Overall, the two variants, the iPhone 6 this is that many developing devices, including the matter of responsiveness and speed of the OS. A8 chip is certainly capable of handling heavy loads and interesting to know how far his ability. This could be a selling point for most buyers.


Apple has made a smart move expanding its flagship product screen, but they also risk creating confusion since added many cell phone portfolio. IPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Four models, three screen sizes. This makes Apple reach more demographics.

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Which iPhone is best for you? If you want something big, but still get into the bag, iPhone 6 choices. Of course that means, you crave something bigger than the iPhone 5S.

Some They Impression and Review using the iPhone 6

If you are looking for phablet Apple, iPhone 6 Plus is for you. Bulky, my hands are big enough, but I can not handle steadily. Could you go into a pants pocket, but it is my rather large pants. It is a blend of the iPad Mini with the iPhone 6, but if you really want it, you will not be disappointed.

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IPhone 6 and 6 Plus goods destined to become a hit even before Apple announced it. The company may release a phone that just arbitrarily large. But the screen is bright and smarter software, they managed to go further. IPhone 6 is definitely better than before.


IPhone 6 is a pretty good phone. Although I cannot say as the best iPhone, mobile phone, the iPhone 6 is coming at a vital moment. The new payment mechanism, the size of the battery, the screen is enlarged and updated design eventually follows, at least in part, the road that has been built by the competitors.

This phone may be suitable for you, it offers simplicity and power of iOS, combined with hardware that is able to counter some Android phones.


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