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The new WhatsApp feature now allows users to check facts first from viral messages

WhatsApp now have new features which can help users to avoid all kinds of hoaxes news that usually spread on the world’s most popular messaging application.

Later, when someone sends a message in the form of a link, the receiving user can first check the facts directly through Google about all the truth. However, this feature is only available in certain countries (or initially), such as the US, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.

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Usually, this messaging application often gets a lot of criticism because it is a place where hoax news is increasingly becoming. For this reason, the developer continues to provide many new features to keep users from misunderstood news, one of which is this latest feature.


It’s just that WhatsApp users will see a magnifying glass icon next to the message when it has been forwarded more than five times. The thing to do is tap on it to search for online message content, which will help people discover whether it’s a real theory or misinformation / conspiracy.

An example of using WhatsApp is a message that states “drinking fresh garlic water will cure COVID-19.” Hitting the icon asks permission to search for this on the web, which brings up several fact-checking websites that show the claim is false.

Anyone can do a quick web search on their own to check the validity of a message, of course, but this new feature makes the process quicker and easier, and could encourage more people to confirm the facts rather than assuming what they read first.

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