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Xiaomi Reveals Mi Air Charge’s Latest Wireless Charging Technology, Allows Devices to Charge Up to Several Meters

The new technology of wireless charging aka Wireless Charging now more sophisticated, one of the promises that Xiaomi can now offer is through Mi Air Charge technology. The manufacturer claims that the device allows multiple charges without having to touch the charger with a maximum distance of up to several meters without the interference from physical obstacles.

This means that the technology can act as this transmitter and allow mobile phones to charge 5W input via their latest charger. So, there is no longer any distance that separates the user from the charger at all times, which of course is very promising for consumers.

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Typically, the Qi wireless charging standard that most electronics use today still requires that the host and receiver be very close, with no more than 4 cm (1.6 inches) away from which to charge.

Whereas from the perspective of the Mi Air Charge Technique, the efficiency of this transmitter is so low that Xiaomi’s newest device which may require 1000W + input power can deliver 5W of power to the phone without a standard distance with a radius of only a few meters.

In-house technology uses a phased antenna to find and direct radio waves to a receiving device which also has a built-in antenna array to convert these waves into electrical energy for charging.

Xiaomi also notes that Mi Air Charge can charge multiple devices simultaneously at 5W, and that physical objects do not interfere with the technology’s charging efficiency. However, don’t expect Mi Air Charge to appear on the market anytime soon, because there is no certainty regarding the release date yet.

It remains to be seen regarding the question of compatibility. But certainly, modern consumers will welcome that convenience with gusto.


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