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Celebs that can’t stand Sarah Huckabee Sanders

We thought his comedic timing was his best trait, but Jim Carrey was holding out on us. Not only is he one of the most funny guys, but he’s also an amazing artist. Sharing his work on his social media platforms, Carrey has used his paintings to depict his true feelings about America’s political climate, and he did not go easy on Sarah Huckabee Sanders when it came time to…erm, honor her. 

The Liar Liar star didn’t call Sanders out by name, and his rep wouldn’t confirm to USA Today that it was actually the press secretary depicted in the artwork, so you be the judge. He tweeted this image with the caption: “This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!”

Guess who stepped in again to come to Huckabee Sanders’ defense? Her father, Mike Huckabee, of course! “Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & ‘Christaphobe'” Huckabee tweeted, in part. Carey responded to the backlash in a statement (via The Young Turks). “This administration has been lying to the American people from day one while plundering the country and debasing our values,” his statement read. “And those who cover for this shameful mobster of a President are putting makeup on a melanoma and telling the cancer patient that everything’s fine. Monstrous? You bet!”

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