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The untold truth of Tyler, the Creator

As of this writing, Tyler, the Creator doesn’t partake in alcohol and drugs anymore, and, according to Fader, he blamed having a weed brownie in 2009 for the “worst time of [his] life.” He explained, “We was all at the studio, and I was like ‘Yeah, f**k it, I’ll take a small piece of the weed brownie.’ I was f***ed up, crying, wanted to die. This brain isn’t supposed to have anything.” He noted that he apparently can’t even take Benadryl due to the medicine’s effects on his state of mind.

However, during an interview on The Shane Show, Tyler was asked if he had ever experimented with mushrooms. He responded, “Nah, not yet. I’ll probably do shrooms one day, but as of now, I’m good.” He shared that his “base is usually happy, energetic, super intrigued by something I like,” and he believes mushrooms “would just open that up” even more.

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