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Things that’ll change how you see these Game of Thrones

Arya Stark has experienced a lot of fascinating dynamics with other characters on the show. She and Jon Snow had a tight bond, her relationship with Sansa is ever-changing, and she and Brienne of Tarth certainly have an understanding. She even managed to break into Tywin Lannister’s inner circle! Perhaps none of these dynamics is quite as interesting as the partnership she forged with Ser Sandor Clegane aka The Hound.

Even though he was on her kill list, The Hound still decided to help Arya, and throughout their travels, Arya may have been the kid, but she seemed to earn the Hound’s true respect and deference. As it turns out, that admiration proved true in real life, too. Actor Rory McCann has admitted that while they were filming together, actress Maisie Williams was definitely the wiser of the two. He told Rolling Stone, “She’s just such a good actress! Really clever, really bright, she knows everything … she’s a real help to me, because I’m a bit goofy and a bit daft. I forget where I am in the story and she knows my lines, my story, where we are, what’s going on, the reason we’re there. I get in trouble for pulling faces, and she keeps me in check.” So, if you enjoy the chemistry of this on-screen relationship, that’s because it was authentic for the two stars.

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